At Kothari Info-Tech Ltd., We are focused on "How to save your valuable time and money by means of our products essential as well as complimentary for your workflow optimization".

Towards this direction we are offering cutting edge solutions at affordable prices. At present we are producing Pre-press software for Textile and Screen Printing, RIPS for Large-format and Grand-format digital color printing, and software for textile coloration and quality control.

It is always our endeavor to provide our customers with the highest quality product and services that not only meet our customer's needs but exceeds them.

At Kothari Info-Tech Ltd., our commitment is to offer cutting edge technologies to our customers. We are focused on bringing value to the table.

As a part of the commitment, KITL in past has introduced some path breaking solutions for the Direct-to-Garment printing industry. We were the first in the world to develop a truly automatic method of generating white underbase from the given image. This technology is patent pending.

KITL also developed methods for calibrating and profiling printing devices using white ink to print on colored background. This helps the user to have full control over color reproduction by bringing the process at the same level as printing on white background! This technology is also patent pending.

A lot of these technologies are equally applicable to the field of Graphic-Arts.

Our commitment is also reflected in our RIP solutions for Roll to Roll digital textile printing.

At KITL we are working even harder to bring more value to the table.

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